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Breckland Gundog Training’s Owner and Trainer Steve Swallow is proud to become a brand ambassador for AK Gundog Accessories,

Having used many of the gundog training products out there and seen the quality of some drop over the last few years, the search for a more

robust product made here in the UK culminated in a conversation with a

keeper friend of Steve’s who was quick to promote the quality of the AK

Gundog range, and having bought Steve some dummies to try, that was it Steve was converted.

Dummies made by trainers are always going to have an edge over the more mass-produced ones, as they will know what works and why, and is clear to see in the achievements trainers and handlers that have used these dummies in their training.

Steve has put to work a few of the range already with building

confidence in young dogs in his care.

Steve Offers:

  • 121 Gundog Training

  • Group Training

  • Residential Training

  • Part of Fully Trained Dogs

All from his own premises in Norfolk, and local farmland etc. Steve is

also fortunate great working relationships with some local keepers that

have gone on to ‘recruit’ some of Steve’s clients to work on their

shoots once they have reached the required levels in their training.



Please get in touch and we will be happy to help

07795 466007

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